Quick Ornament Finishes (With instructions)

No Stitch Bias Tape Ornament Instructions

This is a fairly fast ornament finish for circular or oval shapes. It doesn't require any sewing and you can use bias strips or fold over satin elastic.

 photo biastwo.jpg
(Mouse, from "And Even a Mouse" by Lori Birmingham, uses a bias strip of fabric. Santa, from Donna Kooler's 555 Christmas Cross-Stitch Designs, uses fold over satin elastic.)

My illustrated (pdf) instructions can be seen or downloaded from this link :

No stitch bias tape ornaments

Mason Jar Lid Ornament Instructions

I have thought of doing ornaments with mason jar lids for many years but I didn't like the options for finishing the back. One morning, in the wee hours, I figured out that the best way is not to have a back. Since it will have two sides you can use two stitched pieces, or you can use fabric for the back opening.

 photo twoscotties.jpg
( From "Scottish Adventure" which can be found at: http://novalee02.over-blog.com/article-18932185.html )

My illustrated (pdf) instructions can be seen or downloaded from this link:
Mason Jar Lid Ornament

Adapted from design in Cross Stitch Crazy magazine. (2004)(Similar design Xmas Penguins can be downloaded from www.lucieheaton.com)

Christmas Robin
Adapted from design in CrossStitcher magazine.

Mason jar lids are available in standard (70 mm) and wide mouth (86 mm) in platinum and gold coloured finishes. They come in the standard size in gingham, fruit, vegetable and poinsettia designs.

Because there is a possibility that the lids could rust I recommend that the finished ornaments are stored with silica gel packs, like the ones that often come with shoes or medications.

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Pinwheel 2008


  1. Lovely idea ! I was wondering if you lacquered the mason lids first would that prevent the rusting. I was thinking of Krylon spray.

    1. That is a good suggestion Chris. I wish I knew what to suggest that would work well with both the metal and the fabric. (It would have to be acid free and not get sticky in humid conditions.)