Some thoughts on 3D (multi faceted) Cross Stitch Ornaments

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The first Multi-faceted (3D) ornament that I saw was Jean Farish's "Holly Band Ornament". The chart for this ornament, and very good instructions, are still available from this page. (The chart is also in Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments - 1998.) This one was stitched by Patsy (Bikermom).

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Subsequently I have seen a few more in various issues of Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments. Such as Indigo Rose's Christmas Star (2003) and DebBee's Design's Scot's Bonnet Ornament (2005). This one by Cherished Stitches, called "Colonial Christmas", was in the 2007 issue. It was also stitched by Patsy (bikermom).

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There is an interesting colour variation of it in this Webshots album.

There is a free design for a three sided ornament on this blog page. And a nice cube ornament photos on this blog.

In 2008 I decided that I wanted to make a multi-faceted ornament as my annual ornament. I stitched four different versions before I settled on this 5 sided design. The center motif is adapted from a design in the Leisure Arts book "Sweeter than a Rose". The rest is my original composition and I call it my "Violets and Diamonds Ornament". (The other ornaments can be seen in this online album.) I stitched 19 of these ornaments on 28 count fabric. I decide to fold the stitched pieces over card stock instead of filling them with stuffing.

 photo 2992749063_d32f79b2d4.jpg

Following several requests I charted the design I used for my "Violets and Diamonds" ornament, without the center design from the Leisure Arts book, and put together some notes on how I made my 3D ornaments. They are available using these links:

Violets and Diamonds 3D Ornament

Notes on finishing my 3D ornaments

In 2008 I also stitched a three sided, Three Kings ornament. The design is adapted from a chart in "Sue Cook's Christmas Cross Stitch Collection". Each King was stitched on 22 count fabric and folded over padded card stock before being slip stitched together. (I used polyester fleece for padding.)

 photo threekings-1-1.jpg

In the fall of 2010 I stitched 18 similar ornaments, but this time I used three short pieces of twisted cord to cover the seams. A tutorial about their construction can be found on the following blog page.

Three sided ornament tutorial.

 photo kingsprogress.jpg

 photo smallpinwheel-1.jpg
Pinwheel 2009 and 2011

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